Choosing your invocation name is a very important part of the process to get your business on voice assistants. (An invocation name is the name your customers use when asking your business a question on voice assistants, i.e. “Alexa, launch Joe’s Pizza.” or “Alexa, ask Joe’s Pizza, what are your specials?”). If you want your invocation name to be the same on all voice platforms, you will want to read through all of these instructions to make sure and choose a name that qualifies on all available platforms.


Rules / Tips that Apply to All Platforms


Alexa Specific Rules/Tips


Google Specific Rules/Tips

  1. Common phrases (for example, thank you, how are you?, good morning)
  2. Confusingly similar with features of the Assistant (especially with home automation, device control, and media playback commands)
  3. Potentially confusing users into thinking they are interacting with Google or that Google is promoting, endorsing, or sponsoring content featured in the Action.
  4. Generic, including words or phrases that are categories of products, services, or content. We will consider exceptions to this prohibition on a case-by-case basis.


Cortana Specific Rules/Tips


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