Empowering Partners with
Conversational AI

Market Dynamic


of US households have voice-enable devices


increase in voice assistant facilitaed-purchasing over the next 5 years


of voice users are searching for information about specific brands and businesses


of brands are making significant investments into voice


invoice-actived purchases by 2025

Why Become a Partner?

Bring conversational AI into your portfolio to attract and retain customers

Differentiate your agency and keep competitors our of your accounts

Compress the sales cycle and remove expensive pre-sales costs

Deliver added value to your customers by automating queries with voice

Top 10 Reasons to Participate

Conversational AI is infiltrating the enterprise at warp-speed.

Grow your business

Widen your portfolio

Retain customers

Establish new relationships

Gain competitive advantage

Deliver a Voice App/Chabot without a huge IT investment

Win the account with a proof of concept within a day

Don’t start from scratch: implement a Voice-First approach

Be part of the digital transformation with voice

Make content accessible for your customers

Partners are Part of our Core Strategy

Delivering conversational ai to brands and public sector while bringing industry knowledge, system integration, and/or Brand and Technology expertise to clients with our partners.

Our Philosophy

Partners are vital to Zammo.ai business and are an extension of our family.

Our business relationship is based on collaboration and expertise sharing.

We aim to deliver an agile and pain-free business experience.

Our Vision

Customers are looking for solutions and services rather than standalone products. They want long-term relationships rather than a one-time transaction. Through our collaborative strengths, we establish that business partnership with them.

  Reseller Refer White-Label* ISV
Signed NDA * * * *
Signed agreement * * * *
Sales enablement tools * * * *
Branded portal * * * *
Commitment to resell * * * *
Trained staff * * * *
Procurement * * * *

* The Partner has its own instance of the Zammo.ai portal with its own brand and activates customers on its own

Your Journey with Zammo.ai

Partner Relationship
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