The Scarcity of Voice Domains

Alex Farr

If you could go back to the mid-1990s, would you register the .com domain for your business?


Of course! Well, today it's the same opportunity in voice, except it’s even more important to secure your voice domain. 

Cortana and Google don’t allow duplicate voice domains. Once the name has been registered, that’s it, it’s gone (unless you have that name trademarked or copyrighted, in which case the person trying to use it probably won’t get passed the publishing review). 

The trouble is, unlike with web, there’s no alternate domains with voice (there’s no .co, .biz, .org, .ai, etc.), and you can’t just tweak a couple of characters to get a unique name.   

In web, you can add a hyphen, a number or misspell a word to make it unique. With voice, those things aren't options, and there are only so many combinations of words to combine 


Is your brand truly unique? 


Find out who else might want the same voice domain as you: 

  • Check the US Patent and Trademark Office and complete a "Basic Word Mark Search"; then 

  • Go to the Secretary of State for your home state and do the same search (here’s the links to NY and CA). 

Any brand with a website would have a reason for voice apps. That’s why more and more apps are being published every day.  

 According to Voicebot, Google Actions in January 2019 reached 4,253 - a x2.5 growth over the past year. Amazon Alexa Skills also more than doubled last year, reaching 56,750 in January. 

So voice domains are dwindling. Fast. 


How to register your voice invocation name  


There’s no GoDaddy for voice. The only way to register your voice domain is to create a voice app.   

That’s what Zammo gives you for free. Your own custom-branded voice app, complete with a registered invocation name.  

We set you up to win in the voice economy.  Register your organization’s voice domain before someone else does. 


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