Coronavirus News Through Voice Assistants

Alex Farr

Zammo Helps Businesses Inform Their Customers & Employees About Coronavirus News Through Voice Assistants

6 Months Free Coupon Code: CORONAINFO

Coronavirus information is rapidly changing and challenged by misinformation. Despite an aggressive effort by Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social media companies to prevent its dissemination, as COVID-19 spreads across the world, so too has misinformation about it. To address this issue, Zammo is helping businesses relay Coronavirus information 6 times faster in both an accurate and timely way. We're offering a fast, simple and free way to get information about Coronavirus response to the public.

To help businesses quickly relay accurate Coronavirus updates to their customers and employees, anyone can create a Voice App that works automatically on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana platforms. Businesses can make their information searchable by voice and launch their brand by name, and it will all go live within just a few days as opposed to months of complicated and expensive engineering.

To set up your business, simply go to Zammo, quickly use three screens to create your cross-platform Voice App. Input the coupon code CORONAINFO at checkout. This code will give you free access to the basic conversational plan for six months!

Check out this tutorial of how easy it is to launch your Voice App.


Zammo enables businesses to interact and transact with customers and employees across voice assistants like Alexa, Google and others. Zammo's mission is to give organizations the ability to control their brand narrative easily and affordably through AI voice assistants.



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