What is a Voice Domain?

Alex Farr

When we say voice domain, what we really mean is voice invocation name.


That’s whatever you say to your voice assistant to invoke a particular Voice App (Cortana and Alexa refer to apps as Skills, Google calls them Actions). 

“Alexa, ask Zammo how quickly it can create my voice app” 

Alexa: "It takes 30 minutes"

Like with web domains, your invocation name should be unique to your brand, and getting the right name is important if you’re to be heard!   

Users will have to say your invocation name whenever they want to engage with your appso it needs to be super-easy to remember – ideally no more than 2-3 words.  

Your name also to needs to be searchable. Voice Apps are automatically made available to users on Google and Cortana as and when they’re published. With Alexa, however, users need to manually enable their appsand there’s currently over 56,750 apps for them to choose from. 

Well, they’ll actually be searching for the ‘skill name’ – that’s what is displayed to users in the Alexa app - but if it’s not the same as your invocation name, you’re really going to confuse people. 

You can’t change your invocation name once your voice app has been published, so make sure you get it right the first time! 

Find out why voice domains are scarce 


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