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Microsoft releases new video, Empowering AI for Government, focusing on the success customers, Snohomish County and King County, have had with incorporating conversational AI in their response to COVID-19. The video includes executives for both counties describing the pivotal role conversational AI has played in serving their communities.

Highlights include:

00:16 – 00:28 Tanya Hannah, Chief Information Officer, King County, WA

“The communities that we serve benefit from a responsive local government. Technology plays a critical role in the delivery of these services.”

00:29 – 00:49 Eric Egland, Cloud AI SME, Microsoft

“For example, with Snohomish County, they thought they needed a big IT investment and lots of time before they could start in AI, and then they learned that all they needed to do was have the content that they wanted to share with the public - and with that, they were able to have that chatbot built and deployed within two days.”

00:51 – 01:14 Kendee Yamaguchi, Executive Director, Snohomish County, WA

“We were just dabbling and beginning, I’d say, working in that area by having smart, kind of, cameras along some of the roadways we had to make safer for the public. With COVID occurring, a lot of that work advanced.  AI can be used in so many different ways, that I just think it’s the beginning of a lot of our work in this area.  We’re just touching the tip of the iceberg, I guess you could say.”

Please click here to watch a full version of Microsoft's newly released AI Documentary featuring's customer success stories in more detail.


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