VUX World Podcast: The Importance of Owning Your Natural-Language Understanding

In VUX World’s podcast, “The Importance of Owning Your NLU”, Kane Simms hosted conversational AI experts Guy Tonye, chief engineer at, and Stacey Kyler, senior product manager at The video podcast highlights the process of understanding and utilizing conversational AI through Zammo’s cross-platform solution. Guy and Stacey share their knowledge and perspectives on Zammo’s platform as well as the significance of owning your own NLU, the intricacies of natural-language processing, and AI machine learning.

Highlights include:

2:30 - 3:16 - Stacey Kyler

“Every business wants to be on conversational AI…Zammo is a SaaS platform that allows you to create conversational AI content and then deploy it simultaneously to all of those different platforms. You can create QnA content, you can create multi-turn conversations, you can go deeper and connect to API’s, backend systems, etc…Click a publish button and have that content live on Google, Alexa, a website chatbot, other popular chatbot platforms, as well as IVR.”

6:10 - 6:17 - Stacey Kyler

“We have a lot of different agencies that work with Zammo. They are building conversational AI solutions for their customers.”

12:08 - 12:45 - Stacey Kyler

“We have one major enterprise on the west coast… They launched in three days using content that they already had written and in the first week they had their chatbots at a success rate of 85%. Today if you go to that chatbot and ask questions there is over a 92% chance that whatever question you asked, you're going to get the correct answer. They’ve used that feedback loop on a daily basis, they look at those analytics, they see those ‘not understood messages,’ and then they add either  question variants or new content to their knowledge base.”

15:10 - 15:26 - Guy Tonye

“One of the challenges we have seen is, if you just solve problems by adding the utterance, you expose yourself to something that is hard to conceptualize. Sometimes you can deter your language model by just adding an utterance.”

25:23 - 26:20 - Stacey Kyler

“Start with FAQ content and start with Qna. That is the foundation of your conversational AI presence. It's the questions that the businesses that we work with, it’s their customers and the questions they are already asking. So it gives you a place to start…Letting the customers drive what your conversational AI solution looks like, I think is a lot more successful.” 


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