Zammo and Our Ability Team Up for Revolutionary Jobs Ability Portal

People with disabilities that limit vision, mobility, and dexterity may have difficulties accessing information and getting things done. “There aren’t a lot of technologies for people with disabilities, so we have to build them ourselves,” John Robinson said at a national Start Ability event hosted by Maria Town CEO of AAPD and sponsored by the PEAT, which is supported by the US DOL. 


So Zammo and Our Ability teamed up to build voice integration for the new Jobs Ability portal introduced in December 2020.  The portal enables users to build their job profile with their chatbot “Abi” by answering a series of questions regarding their education, work history, and capabilities.  This voice technology allows an individual with a disability to sit in their living room to talk to their Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to find employment and build their career path. “Our ultimate goal is to create a virtual job coach, constantly asking questions and continuously looking at open positions…pointing toward companies that are inclusive,” Robinson stated in his blog.  

Zammo is committed to ensuring that conversational AI is implemented fairly and benefits everyone. Check out the demo of this exciting innovation in the video below and see how we are transforming the world through voice and conversational AI!