Zammo and Customer, King County, WA, Featured in Microsoft AI Virtual Event

King County and the Seattle area were at the heart of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States. Government agencies faced significant challenges in sharing accurate information with the public in a timely manner.  King County sought to incorporate conversational AI to aid in their response to the flood of public queries. 

Zammo, together with Microsoft, had a chatbot live on King County’s website within 5 days. 

This Zammo customer success story was featured in the Microsoft AI Virtual Event for Government and Regulated Industry broadcast live on June 9th, 2020. 

Video highlights include:

01:12 – 01:41 Annie Kirk – Program Manager for Public Health, King County

"I think what was most helpful about this process is that we had really robust teams from Zammo, Microsoft and King County IT coming together to help on the backend with the technical side which made it really easy for me without any knowledge about chatbots beyond what I'd used on other websites, with no technical background, to be able to put this together so quickly."

02:35 – 02:46 Tanya Hannah - Chief Information Officer & Director, King County

“I think it really shows how easy it is to, not only deploy tech solutions but address a business need and do so in a quick manner…”

03:06 – 03:08 Annie Kirk – Program Manager for Public Health, King County

"This partnership allowed this to happen."

03:09 – 03:28 Stuart McKee – Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft

"That's fantastic!...As the CTO for Microsoft's U.S. Public Sector, Stacey, thank you for being our partner and working as hard as you guys do to deliver these services."

Learn more about the success on the the Microsoft blog post. Thanks to Microsoft National VP for State and Local Government, Dana Barnes, for highlighting how Zammo helps enterprise engage customers quickly and effectively.

Also, Microsoft is hosting a series of ten workshops in August and September to show how to get moving fast with Zammo.  The first workshop , scheduled on August 26th, focuses on City and County Governments.

For information on other workshops, click here

Stay tuned - this story is getting even better as Zammo continues to support the King County team.


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