Zammo and Customer, Our Ability, Featured in Microsoft AI Virtual Event

Our Ability, a non-profit organization, uses Zammo’s platform to help people with disabilities, who are especially hard-hit by COVID-19, to find jobs. Our Ability is a Microsoft AI for Accessibility grant winner and shared their Zammo success story at the Microsoft Ability Summit in the same event-opening keynote session with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. 

Using conversational AI on channels such as Alexa and Google Assistant, people with disabilities are able to set up job profiles without ever having to type on a keyboard.  

Video highlights include:

00:19 – 00:44 John Robinson, President & CEO, Our Ability

"Our Ability started using AI to further our mission by getting a simple question and answer available on chat and voice.  Many of our users have disabilities that prevent us from seeing a computer screen or typing into a keyboard.  The ability for our users to be able to talk to a device, which we are used to anyway, not only to get information, but to get things done, that's really, really valuable for us."

00:45 – 01:04 John Robinson, President & CEO, Our Ability

"We are going even deeper into voice AI for job profile creation, which is our core business.  We are allowing our users to build their job profile on voice without ever having to type a keyboard or search something..."

00:08 – 00:45 Stuart McKee – Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft

“Wow! What a great use of conversational AI.”

02:56 – 03:10 John Robinson, President & CEO, Our Ability

"In thinking about this partnership I'm so proud of what we've all put together. It's also, though, a microcosm of what we're going to create internationally, helping individuals with disabilities create and assess their skills and find jobs."

This is an exciting update from the original success with Our Ability, Microsoft AI for Accessibility grant winner, Our Ability: Be sure to see the inspiring video here.

Stay tuned - this story is getting even better as Zammo continues to support the Our Ability team.


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