Zammo Presents at Voice Tech Innovation Week

Zammo was selected as a leader in voice innovation and highlighted their work with conversational AI in a Project Voice event hosted by Bradley Metrock in February 2021. Head of Customer Success, Stacey Kyler, showcased what makes the work Zammo is doing different, why conversational AI is so important now, and discussed how Zammo works to design and deepen businesses conversation with their customers. 

Here are some highlights:

0:22 - 0:37 Stacey Kyler, Head of Customer Success, Zammo 

“Simply put, Zammo is a user-friendly, affordable, all encompassing, conversational AI SaaS platform that is by design perfect for businesses of all sizes and long-term conversational AI goals.”  

1:30 - 2:05 Stacey Kyler, Head of Customer Success, Zammo 

“82.9% of smartphone owners are already using voice assistants on their phones to get things done. So not just asking general questions but actually accomplishing tasks.”  

1:43-2:00 Stacey Kyler, Head of Customer Success, Zammo 

“Juniper Research is also predicting that there will be a 630% increase in voice-facilitated purchasing over the next 5 years. So that will skyrocket from $22 billion in 2020 to $164 billion in 2025.” 

5:55 - 6:10 Stacey Kyler, Head of Customer Success, Zammo 

“Having a conversational AI presence and a voice presence gives you that brand authority so when customers ask questions about your business, you control that content versus relying on that search engine to speak on your behalf.”

6:24 - 6:36 Stacey Kyler, Head of Customer Success, Zammo 

“You can create content one time on one platform and every time you make edits or publish new content it is simultaneously deployed and live on all channels that you have activated in Zammo.” 

To learn more about conversational AI and the impact its implementation can have on your business check out Zammo’s workshop sponsored by Microsoft 


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