Modernize Your Enterprise or Government Communications

Contact Center IVR/Telephony, Chatbots, and Voice Assistants

Build, Deploy, Engage, Measure & Improve


Create or augment your existing IVR to provide 2-way automated conversations with your audience in just 1 Day; without the limitations of a traditional question / answer format. Learn from built-in analytics and audience insights.


Equip your website, support center, or e-commerce site with an AI-powered chatbot that provides both answers to common questions, and links to products and services you may offer to help you grow revenue.


Launch your voice app on Alexa and Google Assistant to expand your presence and reach more than 1.83 billion users already on voice. Improve accessibility, increase your brand exposure, and control content heard on voice searches.

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Communicate with your audience up to 6x faster, and drastically reduce contact center costs by up to 90%

See the future of creating intelligent, natural, emotionally engaging conversational tools for your clients

Powered by Microsoft Azure, Zammo is the world’s only voice-first, conversational AI solution for companies that are looking for a zero-code platform with a 1-day setup and deployment.

Most subscribers are creating and deploying content in just days.

The World Is Moving To Voice AI


Increase in Voice Assistant-facilitated purchasing by 2025

1.83 Billion

People have access to Voice Assistants globally


Voice users search for specific brands and organizations

$164 Billion

In voice-assisted services & product purchases by 2025


“We were excited to learn about what’s technology could do to support our operations and ultimately provide our residents with increased access to County services. We were also impressed by how easy it was to use and implement in such a short amount of time! This partnership has proven to add immediate value.”

Brian Roberts
MC311 Director, Montgomery County

Discover How Works For You

Unleash Business Impact With The Fastest & Most Affordable Solution

Considerably improves your customer experience and accessibility

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Simplifies creation and publishing of conversational content

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Automates recurring inquiries to free up your contact center staff

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Provides actionable customer insights from a unified analytics dashboard

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Secures your brands domain name, and handles the publishing to voice assistants

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Impact your organization with the fastest and most affordable solution

Discover How Works For You

Our software platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to “analyze” resources like your F.A.Q., auto-convert that existing content to conversational content, and enables users to simultaneously publish that content to multiple channels with just one click.

Effortless Process To Create And Deploy Conversational Content

Our software platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to “analyze” resources like your F.A.Q., auto-convert that existing content to conversational content, and allows users to simultaneously publish that content to your IVR and all your other channels with just one click.


Any similarity to other conversational AI platform ends here

Remarkably Simple Yet Powerful Pre & Post Launch



With Zammo

Single no-code development platform

Without Zammo

Platform-specific IT development projects

No coding to launch

Specialized, custom code voice app development

1-person or small team

Expensive, specialized technical teams

Live Same Day

Months to build

Easy, seamless deployment

Complex, lengthy deployment

Invaluable data & analytics

No analytics

Receive a next day Proof of Concept featuring your F.A.Q., and the business conversation of your choice

Implementing our voice-first conversational AI platform will be a game-changer for your enterprise. Your team will see a working chatbot, call IVR, simulated listing on voice assistants, and multilingual capabilities.

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