AI-powered chatbots lower expenses, offer convenience, and handle repetitive inquiries in your enterprise or government agency


Auto-convert your existing Q&A


Use our simulator to test before going live


Publish your chatbot


Create advanced multi-turn conversations


Gain intelligent insights and analytics

Create & Deploy New Intelligent
AI-Powered Chatbots

Auto-Create Conversational Content And Integrate Systems

Artificial intelligence (AI) will “analyze” your F.A.Q., and auto convert it to conversational content to fuel chatbot interactions.

Zammo connects to API’s, and integrates with your backend systems.

Deploy To Web, SMS, Teams, Messenger And Others

A single click deploys the same content simultaneously to all your popular chatbot channels, and allows customizations at the channel level to make interaction more nuanced.

Customers Get More Natural, Human-like Interaction

Our platform recognizes speech and text, understands intent, deciphers different languages, and responds in a way that mimics human conversation.

Learn From Engagement Insights & Analytics

Data from actual user interactions help your team to refine your information, and guide the creation of more advanced multi-turn conversational content.

Ease the burden on staff, deliver intuitive on-demand customer experiences, and reduce your budget expenditure by up to 90%


Streamlined Set Up, No Coding, Fast Deployment

We have virtually eliminated the need for in-depth IT involvement by providing a feature-rich platform that any user can navigate, regardless of their technical background.

Existing staff members, without any IT experience, can get started by pointing our powerful software toward your existing enterprise F.A.Q. and/or support center content. Zammo auto-converts your written content to a question-and-answer conversational format and allows your team to add additional questions and answers for your target audience to make their experience even more interactive.

Providing Support And Training
For Your Team Is Our Priority


Support Includes Live Coaching & Online Resources

Resources available 24/7 allow your team to get answers to questions, tips and best practices, and practical how-to help when they need it.

As your team works on our platform, they can view self-help video tutorials that are only a click away. Short, related videos provide the steps and best practices to accomplish your communications goals using Zammo’s tools.


Social Responsibility Through Accessibility

Voice AI opens up a whole new world for people with disabilities. We are passionate about our platform that makes interacting with enterprises like yours possible for people that have traditionally been limited to a select few companies that were accessibility compliant. Your enterprise accessibility goals are easily achieved with Zammo.

“In the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about inclusivity, which I believe is a great development that was long overdue. In 2022, I expect the tech community, brands, government agencies and other organizations to start bringing that energy to digital accessibility—particularly for people with disabilities because there’s a lot of work to be done. People with disabilities need to use the internet, order dinner delivery, get information about their municipality or county and ping car services. Next year, voice technology, chatbots and other AI channels will help organizations of all types make digital more accessible for all.”

- Alex Farr, Founder and CEO,