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Create a ChatGPT-like Experience

Zammo stitches together nearly 50 Azure AI services to enable customers to focus on content creation and user experience.

By combining Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Cognitive Search, Zammo enables you to create a ChatGPT-like experience using your web pages, knowledge base articles and document repositories. The experience can be made accessible across voice, text, and social channels and in multiple languages. The Zammo solution resides securely on your Azure tenant.


1. Ingest content from your organization's documents and website URLs

Content is auto-chunked and auto-indexed by Cognitive Search.

2. Write your prompt design to customize the user experience

Customize your bot's persona, set up guardrails for where the responses are pulled from, and define how answers are presented back to your customer.

3. Publish your secure ChatGPT-like experience to your website, IVR or other available channels

Utilizing Zammo's knowledge base feature, which harnesses the power of Azure OpenAI and Cognitive Search, your organization can generate conversations and summarize information, all based solely on the content you have uploaded.

All content, both your uploaded data as well as customer responses, remain secure within your Azure tenant.

Transactional Customizations

Integrate with live agent systems

Develop multi-turn, transactional conversations

Connect to APIs and backend systems


Meet your customers where they are. Deploy to apps and channels they’re already using.

Extend your reach and integrate your Conversational AI with existing Live Agent services using built-in Zammo Integrations to your existing systems.


Connect to additional backend systems and OAuth solutions to supercharge your success.

Unified Analytics Dashboard

The unified analytics dashboard provides a clear way to see channel activity, success rates, and new versus returning users across all channels in one place.

Your raw data helps you identify data-driven enhancements that should be made. An analytics API is available to export your raw data to a self-hosted service like Microsoft PowerBI to merge with other data across your organization.

Content is Accessible to Everyone

Easily deploy conversations to channels that fit your users’ needs in their preferred language.

Making information accessible to everyone is a part of our mission. Your organization can easily deploy conversational and transactional conversations to any channel, including voice, ensuring anyone regardless of their accessibility needs has access.

Our multi-lingual capabilities allow your user to converse in their preferred language.